Category: High School Programs

Line Following Car

Students in the Engineering Intensive program built and programmed cars with their TA groups! From wiring to coding, they built each car from […]

Atlanta High Museum of Art

Data Science students visited the Atlanta High Museum of Art to look at the various exhibits of local and historical artwork pieces. After […]

Hands-On Data Analysis

Data science students learned how to examine and extract key values from datasets in our hands on data analysis lab. Continuing on our […]

One-Armed Engineering

Engineering students worked together in groups to brainstorm and create models for objects intended to be used for people with one arm. Students […]

Georgia Aquarium and Coca-Cola World

Human Data Visualizations Lab

The Data students learned about low level programming with our Human Data Visualization lab. Using a simplified form of assembly code and whiteboards […]

Electrical Engineering

EINT students began their first day of rotations by learning about breadboards, soldering, electricity with potatoes and lemons, and more! They were also […]

Leadership: Personality Matrix

Engineering students had their first leadership session with Crystal Donatto Brown, where they took the Personality Matrix test. The results that the students […]

Introduction to Algorithms

Data Science students got a quick introduction to algorithms, while also testing their teamwork in a fun way. They wrote detailed instructions for […]

Mission Impossible: Challenge Course

Engineering students participated in a mission impossible and escape room challenge activity, led by their Team Advisors! This activity tested their teamwork and […]