Category: High School Programs

Wind Turbines

Engineering students got to test out their wind turbine building skills, competing to see which team could make the most efficient turbine with […]

Conflict Resolution

As part of their leadership series, Medicine & Health Care students learned about conflict resolution today.   More photos here.


Students spent the afternoon planning, designing, and building trebuchets out of provided materials.   View team photos here.

Surgical Rounds

This morning, Medicine & Health Care met with Dr. P once more to learn how to suture. In additional labs, they dissected eyes […]

Commitment in Action

As part of their leadership series with Mr. Quentin Whitehead, engineering students all participated in the NSLC-favorite, Commitment in Action. More photos here.

Day in the Operating Room

Continuing their Medical Lecture Series with Dr. Parsioon, students got to practice real-world surgical techniques.

Soldering & Water Filtration

As part of their afternoon rotation sessions, engineering students learned how to solder and make water filters.   View the full album here.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Engineering students visited Mercedes-Benz Stadium and were given a group tour inside its public and private facilities. View full album here.

Neurosurgery with Dr. Parsioon

Medicine & Health Care is excited to welcome back Dr. Fereidoon Parsioon, who introduced students to the concepts of neurosurgery today. View full […]

Leadership Challenge Course

Students in both the Engineering and Medicine & Health Care programs visited Georgia Tech’s Leadership Challenge Course, learning valuable teamwork skills.   View […]