Category: Daily Program Update

Departure Day

Here is a recap video for DATA Session 2!   The second session of Data Science has finally come to a close. Students […]


Today, the Engineering Intensive students said goodbye after 18 days of learning, growing, and bonding with their new lifelong friends. During Closing Ceremony, […]

Registration Day and Opening Ceremony

Session 2 has officially begun for the Data Science students here at Georgia Tech! Students checked in and later attended the opening ceremony […]

Georgia Aquarium and World of Coke

Here’s a summary of some photos submitted by TA’s and students with their experience at Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coke! Engineering […]

Registration Day!

The big day is here! Students arrive to Georgia Tech’s campus for their sessions in the Data Science and Engineering Intensive Programs.  They […]

Session 2 Departure

The second session of this summer has finally come to a close. Students began the day with their closing ceremony, met with their […]

Trebuchet Build Highlight

Engineering students from sessions 1 and 2 showcase their trebuchet-building skills in one of the program’s most anticipated projects. Students spend the afternoon […]

Session 2 Registration Day

REGISTRATION DAY Georgia Tech is excited to welcome our second round of students this summer! Today students in both the Engineering and Data […]

Registration Day & Opening Ceremony

The first session of the summer at Georgia Tech is fully underway! Today students in both the Engineering and the Data Science programs […]

Surgical Rounds

This morning, Medicine & Health Care met with Dr. P once more to learn how to suture. In additional labs, they dissected eyes […]