Year: 2018

Final Social

Medicine & Healthcare students enjoyed their final social tonight!

Sea Perch Competition

Our sea perch competition was a close one! Engineering students worked hard all week creating their robots!

Simulation Lab

Medicine & Healthcare students participated in multiple simulation labs today!

Commitment In Action

Our leadership facilitator Selena Brown led our engineering students through Commitment In Action, where they learned the importance of committing to their goals!

VIDEO | CDC Museum Visit

Mercedes Benz Stadium Tour

Engineering students toured the state of the art Mercedes Benz Stadium today!

Clinical Rounds

Medicine & Healthcare students participated in clinical rounds where they learned how to check vitals, and experienced an EMT simulation.

Engineering Rotations

Engineering students created wind turbines, and learned how to code today during rotations!

Surgical Rounds

Medicine & Healthcare students learned how to suture from Dr. P and dissected cow eyes and sheep hearts during surgical rounds today!