Category: High School Programs

Survivalism with Dr. Parsioon

Medicine & Health Care held their survivalism activity, where Dr. Fereidoon Parsioon met with students again to show them practical ways to survive […]

Bridge Building Competition

Throughout the afternoon, Engineering students had a limited amount of time to design and build bridges using only craft sticks and glue. Then […]

Engineering Rotations

On Saturday, students in the Engineering program took learned to solder, create water filters, and write computer code.  

Surgical Rounds & Day in the Operating Room

Saturday was packed with lots of hands-on activities for the Medicine & Health Care students! The morning began with rotations covering eye and […]

Tellus Science Museum

Today the Engineering program spent the afternoon visiting the Tellus Science Museum in Cartersville, Georgia.   View more photos in our Flickr albums […]

Neurosurgery Simulation

Today students in the Medicine & Health Care program met with Dr. Fereidoon Parsioon and began their medical lecture series. Dr. Parsioon presented […]

Personality Matrix and Team Challenge Course

This morning, Engineering students met with leadership facilitator Quentin Whitehead and began their first leadership activity of the session, Personality Matrix. In the […]

Registration Day and Opening Ceremony

The first session of the summer at Georgia Tech is fully underway! Today students in both the Engineering and Medicine & Health Care […]

Meet the Engineering Staff

The Engineering staff at Georgia Tech is excited for another great summer!   Row 1, left to right: Alka Earathu, Austin Gies, Waymond […]

Meet the Medicine & Health Care Staff

The Medicine & Health Care staff at Georgia Tech is excited for another great summer!   Row 1, left to right: Alianna Ortiz, […]