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Departure Day

Here is a recap video for DATA Session 2!   The second session of Data Science has finally come to a close. Students […]

What I Discovered

Data Science students self reflected with their peers about what they learned about themselves throughout this session! They also thanked their TA’s and […]

Final Presentations

DATA students presented their findings and gave their recommendations to the board. They used the skills they learned this session, such as data […]

Statistics and Excel

Data Science students got an introduction to statistics and functions in Excel. This hands-on lab helped them get an understanding on the various […]

Commitment in Action

Data Science students had a leadership session with Crystal Donatto Brown, where they walked down the runway with a unique move while being […]

Delta Flight Museum

Data Science students visited the Delta Flight Museum to learn more about the airline’s rich history. There were many interactive exhibits such as […]

Engineering Intensive Recap Video

Data Analysis

Data Science students worked on a hands-on lab by working on Jupyter and using Panda functions. They took existing data and later simplified […]

Product Pitch Final Presentations

Engineering students pitched their product ideas to the judging board which included various components such as SWOT, budget, components of the item, including […]

RC Car Obstacle Course

Engineering students worked on their RC Cars throughout the entire session and finally put them to the test in this obstacle course. The […]