Year: 2021

Session 2 Departure

The second session of this summer has finally come to a close. Students began the day with their closing ceremony, met with their […]

Data Science Final Presentation

Students in the Data Science program give their final presentation. VIEW MORE PHOTOS HERE

Final Product Pitch

Students in the engineering program were placed in small groups to come up with a product. Once finalizing the design of their product, […]

Data Visualization

Students in the Data Science program learning data visualization in the program R. VIEW MORE PHOTOS HERE

Trebuchet Build Highlight

Engineering students from sessions 1 and 2 showcase their trebuchet-building skills in one of the program’s most anticipated projects. Students spend the afternoon […]

Data Cleaning Lab

Today students in the Data Science program participate in a Data Cleaning Lab. Students are tasked with going through data sets and fixing […]

College Football Hall Of Fame

Tody students in the Engineering and Data Science program visited the College Football Hall Of Fame. There, students were able to learn about college […]

Wind Turbines

Today students in the Engineering program got to test out their skills to see if they could come together and build a wind […]

Intro To Data Science

Meet your 2021 Data Science program director Patricia Lennon. Students learn more about what the data science program at NSLC offers, and the […]


OUR TRIP TO THE FERNBANK MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY    Today Students in both the Engineering and Data Science program visited the Fernbank […]