Morehouse School of Medicine

Medicine & Health Care students visited the Morehouse School of Medicine, where they were guided through various clinical training simulations.   View full […]

Sea Perch Competition

After designing and building throughout all of session, Engineering students got to put their sea perches in a full-size pool and test them […]

Dr. Cecelia Bellcross

Medicine & Health Care students heard from Dr. Cecelia Bellcross this morning. She shared some the latest information in the world of genetics […]

Volunteering at MedShare

Today Medicine & Health Care visited MedShare, a humanitarian aid organization, to help sort medical supplies before they are shipped to communities in […]

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Engineering students visited Mercedes-Benz Stadium this morning, exploring its locker rooms and impressive main interior.  

Trebuchet Competition

Engineering students spent their afternoon learning about trebuchets, and then designing and building their own. Using limited materials and time, each team tried […]

Guest Speakers Laura Vonnahme & Page Love

Today Medicine & Health Care students attended presentations by two guest lecturers, epidimiologist Laura Vonnahme and dietician Page Love. They also visited Bodies: […]

Survivalism with Dr. Parsioon

Medicine & Health Care held their survivalism activity, where Dr. Fereidoon Parsioon met with students again to show them practical ways to survive […]

Bridge Building Competition

Throughout the afternoon, Engineering students had a limited amount of time to design and build bridges using only craft sticks and glue. Then […]

Engineering Rotations

On Saturday, students in the Engineering program took learned to solder, create water filters, and write computer code.