Category: Engineering

Session 1 Departure Day

The first session of this summer has finally come to a close. Students began the day with their closing ceremony, met with their […]


RC CAR RACE & SEAPERCH COMPETITION   Students in the Engineering program go head to head with their SeaPerch & RC cars to […]

Fernbank Museum Of Natural History

OUR TRIP TO THE FERNBANK MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY    Students in both the Engineering and Data Science program visited the Fernbank Museum […]

Delta Flight Museum

OUR TRIP TO THE DELTA AIRLINES MUSEUM Today Students in the Engineering program visit the Delta Flight Museum. They learned about the rich […]

Engineering Rotations

Today students in the Engineering program began their first day of rotations. They learned how to solder while building flashlights and how to […]

NSLC Leadership Training Course

Students in both the Engineering and Data Science programs toured Georgia Tech’s campus while completing various team-building activities.

Registration Day & Opening Ceremony

The first session of the summer at Georgia Tech is fully underway! Today students in both the Engineering and the Data Science programs […]

Session 2 Departure

As students depart from their time at NSLC, they reflect on their most memorable moments and worthwhile lessons. Thank you to all of […]

Closing Ceremony

Nine days flew by and the students in both Engineering and Medicine & Health Care programs attended their closing ceremony this morning. View […]

Wind Turbines

Engineering students got to test out their wind turbine building skills, competing to see which team could make the most efficient turbine with […]