Year: 2022

Registration Day and Opening Ceremony

Session 2 has officially begun for the Data Science students here at Georgia Tech! Students checked in and later attended the opening ceremony […]

Solar Cells

Engineering students worked together in groups to create their own solar cells powered by the sun! CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE PHOTOS! 

3D Printing

Engineering students learned about how 3d printing can be used in daily life, but also in fields such as the medical field. After […]

Georgia Aquarium and World of Coke

Here’s a summary of some photos submitted by TA’s and students with their experience at Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coke! Engineering […]

Ice Cream Social

Engineering students took a short quiz on what they’ve learned so far in the session, and later had a surprise social where they […]

Chemical Engineering Rotations

Engineering students got a hands-on introduction to chemical engineering by making slime and pill coatings. After completing these rotations, they continued to work […]

GCMI Field Trip

Engineering students took a field trip to GCMI at Georgia Tech and learned about Biomedical Engineering. The team talked about their day to […]

Bionic Arm Lab

Engineering students programmed and built their own bionic arm that works when they move their arm! Click here to see the full album! 

Georgia Tech Session 1 Recap

We had a great first session with our Data Science students here at Georgia Tech! Here is a recap video showcasing some of […]

DATA Final Presentations

DATA students presented their findings and gave their recommendations to the board. They used the skills they learned this session, such as data […]