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Engineering Intensive Recap Video

Trebuchet Build Highlight

Engineering students from sessions 1 and 2 showcase their trebuchet-building skills in one of the program’s most anticipated projects. Students spend the afternoon […]

Data Cleaning Lab

Today students in the Data Science program participate in a Data Cleaning Lab. Students are tasked with going through data sets and fixing […]

Wind Turbines

Today students in the Engineering program got to test out their skills to see if they could come together and build a wind […]

Data Science Lab: Data Analysis

DATA ANALYSIS Students in the Data Science Program work with different elements of Python, such as data cleaning and data analysis to analyze […]

Delta Flight Museum

OUR TRIP TO THE DELTA AIRLINES MUSEUM Today Students in the Engineering program visit the Delta Flight Museum. They learned about the rich […]


Today students in the Data Science program participate in their first lab. Students were introduced to the code programing language Python and practiced […]

NSLC Leadership Training Course

Students in both the Engineering and Data Science programs toured Georgia Tech’s campus while completing various team-building activities.

Session 2 Departure

As students depart from their time at NSLC, they reflect on their most memorable moments and worthwhile lessons. Thank you to all of […]

Open Hand Atlanta

Medicine & Health Care students volunteered at Open Hand Atlanta, and helped pack about 2,200 nutritious meals for people in need.   View […]