Category: Data Science

Challenge Course

Data Science students put their teamwork into action as they navigated through various challenges around campus. From blindfolded mazes to marble challenges, they […]

Registration Day and Opening Ceremony

Session 2 has officially begun for the Data Science students here at Georgia Tech! Students checked in and later attended the opening ceremony […]

Georgia Tech Session 1 Recap

We had a great first session with our Data Science students here at Georgia Tech! Here is a recap video showcasing some of […]

DATA Final Presentations

DATA students presented their findings and gave their recommendations to the board. They used the skills they learned this session, such as data […]

Delta Flight Museum

Students in the Data Science program visited the Delta Flight Museum to learn more about the airline’s rich history! Click here to see […]

Atlanta High Museum of Art

Data Science students visited the Atlanta High Museum of Art to look at the various exhibits of local and historical artwork pieces. After […]

Hands-On Data Analysis

Data science students learned how to examine and extract key values from datasets in our hands on data analysis lab. Continuing on our […]

Georgia Aquarium and Coca-Cola World

Human Data Visualizations Lab

The Data students learned about low level programming with our Human Data Visualization lab. Using a simplified form of assembly code and whiteboards […]

Introduction to Algorithms

Data Science students got a quick introduction to algorithms, while also testing their teamwork in a fun way. They wrote detailed instructions for […]