Category: Daily Program Update

Commitment in Action

As part of their leadership series with Mr. Quentin Whitehead, engineering students all participated in the NSLC-favorite, Commitment in Action. More photos here.

Soldering & Water Filtration

As part of their afternoon rotation sessions, engineering students learned how to solder and make water filters.   View the full album here.

Sea Perch Competition

After designing and building throughout all of session, Engineering students got to put their sea perches in a full-size pool and test them […]

Dr. Cecelia Bellcross

Medicine & Health Care students heard from Dr. Cecelia Bellcross this morning. She shared some the latest information in the world of genetics […]

#NSLCENGN – Learning from failures with Dr. Filler

#NSLCHEAL works on CPR certification and hematology

#NSLCHEAL sutures pig feet during surgical rounds

#NSLCENGN and #NSLCHEAL complete the Challenge Course

Welcome to Session 2!


#NSLCHEAL Clinical Rounds