Month: July 2022

RC Car Obstacle Course

Engineering students worked on their RC Cars throughout the entire session and finally put them to the test in this obstacle course. The […]

Line Following Car Competition

Throughout the session, Engineering students have been working on Line following cars, where they build and program a small car that can follow […]

Data Validation

Data Science students had a hands-on lab where they were able to learn more about data validation, by using a google form with […]

Georgia Aquarium and World of Coke

Data Science students took a field trip to Georgia Aquarium and World of Coke. They visited thousands of marine animals at the aquarium […]

Wind Turbines

Engineering students worked together in groups to create their own wind turbines using the materials provided to them. In this simulation, they were […]


Engineering students crafted gliders and later tested them outside to see how far an object could be catapulted. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE […]

Sea Perch Competition

Engineering students have been working on designing sea perches throughout the session to collect tennis balls and other kinds of balls in a […]

Guest Speaker: Sahar Nasiri

Sahar Nasiri is a Data Scientist at Delta Airlines. She spoke to Data Science students about her path in data science and gave […]


Engineering students went to iFly today to indoor skydive! After they flew they were able to participate in a hands-on lab run by […]

Challenge Course

Data Science students put their teamwork into action as they navigated through various challenges around campus. From blindfolded mazes to marble challenges, they […]